Adventure on Luxury Boat with Scary Mermaids

I have to tell you about my sailing adventure. The year I started studying Modern Languages in college, worried about never achieving financial stability, I never imagined that I would celebrate my graduation sailing the seas. It was a crazy thought. All my classmates were hoping to maybe get a tiny apartment and a job at a library; that was the dream. But I was part of a fortunate group of people. No, I didn’t suddenly become a millionaire. But after a few years of friendship, I along with two other friends discovered that one of our friends, the shy girl that struggled through all her classes but graduated with actually impressive grades, she was the granddaughter of a wealthy man. He was a millionaire, if not already a billionaire, I think. But he was nice, an amiable, stereotypical old man.

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Have some Fun with a Chartered Boat

There is nothing more fun that chartering a boat on your home waters. If you’re within easy reach of a lake, then go. Consider taking sailing holidays in different areas of the world. Besides exposing you to different kinds of ships, this will put you into different surroundings and weather patterns.

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