Beginner Sailing Problems When the Boat Hit Tall Wave

One of the unforgettable days of my life was when my uncle took me sailing on the lake which was close to his house. He had been traveling all around the world for a very long time, and when he returned to the states, it was a chance for us to bond again.

Uncle Benny was divorced from his wife of twenty years, and he said that now that he was free to do whatever he wanted, he would travel around the world and have a nice time. Seeing him, I could tell that he was enjoying himself.

He has a wonderful sailboat that has many things you would find in a classy and sophisticated ship. The stereo was amazing. The entire interior was well furnished. Two cabins were very comfortable that when I saw them, I felt like staying and living inside for a very long time.

This is going to be like a picnic,” Uncle Benny had said when he called me from Italy. “The difference is that this would be a picnic on the water. Haha. What do you think?”

What did I think? I thought it was a beautiful idea. I would have the chance to meet Uncle Benny and reminisce about the times we used to have when I was a kid. Before he married Aunt Grace, I was very close to my Uncle Benny. We would go fishing, play paintball and visit so many places. We were so close that we were almost inseparable.

I can’t wait to see you, Uncle Benny,” was what I told him on the phone. When I asked him where we would get a boat, he told me that his new sailboat would be delivered to the harbor in his new home which was very close to the lake.

When he arrived, he called me, and I went to meet him at his house. He loved the house a lot, and he was always having a lot of parties there, where he would invite a lot of people from the city and town. He was very popular and known as a very benevolent person.

He had everything ready, from sandwiches. I knew he had purchased the sandwich because I knew that he could never do it himself. There were also other delicacies which had beautiful and sweet aromas. There were also non-alcoholic drinks and juices. My uncle loves doing elaborate things. I nodded my approval at everything I saw, and I couldn’t wait to be on the lake with him.

We packed all the goodies on the boat and got on it. We planned to return in the evening after having a wonderful time out. For as long as I had known him, Uncle Benny was a superb sailor. I watched as he prepared the boat for a sail.

Everything he did seemed strange to me. I didn’t understand much about it. Learning how to sail was not something I had ever planned to do. Everything he did seemed rather quick, and I had hope that if Uncle Benny could do preparations to sail a boat, I could too.

When he was done, we got on the boat and off we went. The sun was appearing on the horizon, and the lake looked cool. Besides us, there was only one other boat on the lake and Uncle Benny told me that it was owned by an old man named Dickens who was usually either fishing or deep diving.

He was too far away for us to greet up, so Uncle Benny just guided the boat to the middle of the lake. We talk about a lot of things, but mostly, he talked about his experiences during his travels. I was fascinated with many of the places he described, and I wished I were there.

The problem began when the boat rode on a tall wave, and Uncle Benny slipped. He fell unconscious on the deck of the boat, and the boat could not stay straight. I tried all my best to resuscitate him by applying all the skills I had been taught for when such a situation arose.

I was able to resuscitate him, but he was in no position to pilot the boat anymore. He tried to explain to me what I should do, but I didn’t understand him. When I saw that if I didn’t do anything, we were going to remain on the lake for a long time or worse crash into the rocks that are close by, I made an emergency call and the old man, Dickens, came to our rescue.

When we were back on shore, we were happy that everything was fine. However, I was not satisfied. I was the kind of person who usually saw whatever position I find myself as a performance and I usually reviewed myself. I concluded that my performance concerning the boat incident was not good enough and I had to do better.

One way to better was to learn how to sail. I explained my plan to my uncle, and he supported me wholeheartedly. He said I had to start as a beginner. I happily agreed, and the next day my lessons began. Uncle Benny put me in touch with a guy who was an expert in sailing all kinds of boats. The guy was once in the US Navy, and he had captained a lot of ships.

By the way, Uncle Benny described the man, and I thought he was a young man who was perhaps in his early or late thirties. The man I was introduced to seemed to be in his sixties, and he had an intelligent gaze that was mesmerizing. I was happy to have been introduced to him because he was such a wonderful teacher.

He taught me all the basics like I was a beginner, which I was. Within a few days, I was becoming an expert also. Even the trainer told me that he was proud of my achievements in the short time since the training began. This encouraged me to want to learn more.

When my lessons ended, I was already an expert and even better than Uncle Benny. So, whenever we wanted to relax on the lake, I was usually the one doing the piloting of the boat.

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