13 Best Sail Boating Lakes in Arizona

Arizona is mostly infamous for the high-temperature rise it faces each year. The residents living in the desert conditions can still enjoy the fun of a lot of water bodies present in the state. The residents and tourists take on their aquatic vessels and beat the heat each year on some of the marvelous lakes of the Grand Canyon state.

Though the summer temperature may rise as high as 100 degrees during summer the spring and other seasons are typically warm. That means they can enjoy the warm water bodies without the fear of suffering hypothermia, making boating one of the best attractions of the place. Tourists can just float, paddle, row and even catch fish in these lakes. The best sailing lakes in Arizona include:

1.      Lake Powell

Located in the bordering region of Arizona and Utah, the Lake Powell is one of the best boating lakes in Arizona to beat the tragic heats of the desert. Visitors to the place are offered with a wide range of water vessels including kayaks, rowboats, and houseboats and fishing boats as well.

2.      Big Lake

Located at a height of almost 10,000 ft, the lake has mild temperatures even during the burning summer months. Apart from boating, fishing, hiking, and sightseeing among the pine forests and the meadows of the White Mountains are some of the other attractions of the place.

3.      Lake Havasu

Located in the eastern side of the state, this lake is more famous for being home to the London Bridge. This vacation spot is also well known as one of the best fishing spots in the area.

4.      Tempe Town Lake

The Tempe Town Lake is located in the northern region of the Tempe Butte in the Salt River Bed. In terms of fanciness, the reservoir may not rank that high. But a boat ride in this lake can surely bring visitors with a great extent of mental peace.

5.      Canyon Lake

Though it is a manmade lake, it is one of the best options to consider when it comes to boating, fishing, water skiing, swimming, and other outdoor adventure activities in Maricopa County. You can even rent out boats and other types of equipment from the recreation center in the area.

6.      Bartlett Lake

The shoreline is busy almost at all points of times. But once you row down the lake, peace, and silence starts seeping in. It is one of the best fishing and cruising spots that takes only about an hour to reach from Phoenix.

7.      Roper Lake

If you want to get close to Mother Nature, this is the option for you. It is more beautiful during the months of summer. Visitors can also get cabins and campsites on rent along with enough space and scopes for boating and fishing on this water body.

8.      Saguaro Lake Marina

It is one of the best boating lakes in Arizona that is situated in the Tonto National Forest. With a short drive from Marana, visitors can reach this lake for the ultimate boating experience in the deep blue waters along with the beautiful scenic beauty of the mountain.

9.      Granite Basin Lake

This lake is located in the region of Prescott National Forest next to the Wilderness area in the famous granite mountains. It is a popular choice for boating all throughout the year. The waters are crystal clear and lead to the Granite Mountains for hiking, horse riding, rock climbing, and other fun activities in the area.

10.  Patagonia Lake

This lake is southern Arizona’s best-protected secret. The locals often go out to this place for a few night outs at the multiple campsites present by the lake. Fishing and boating spots over this water body are countless.

11.  Watson Lake

The massive rock formation, the Granite Dells tend to be the greatest attraction for this lake. The surface is too placid, making it one of the ideal choices for canoeing or kayaking. With a private beach, this lake is one of the best spots for a picnic or a great photo session.

12.  Lake Pleasant

Being the largest water body in the Phoenix region, this lake is one of the most preferred spots for individuals who have a liking for revving the boat engines. Apart from that, sailing, house boating, kayaking, and water parties are some of the other offers made by this place.

13.  Lake Mead

In terms of size, this lake has got the largest area in the entire United States with a shoreline of over 750 miles. It only takes less than hour from Las Vegas to reach this place and is one of the best boating lakes in Arizona irrespective of any season.

These are some of the best lakes for boating in Arizona. Apart from these, there are many other lakes in the area that are open to the public for boating, fishing and other water activities in the region.

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