Pirates got us Sailing on the Ocean

Have you ever sailed a boat on the ocean? I have, and I regretted it. I have heard of people who sailed on the oceans and regaled me with the stories of how much they had. As for me, I almost died so I wouldn’t call it enjoyable.

My friends, Joey and Sandra, are both marine biologists. They wanted to take some samples in the ocean, and since their boat had been damaged by some idiots who had partied on it without their permission, they invited me along so that I could take them in my own boat.

A few years before, I had purchased a motorsailer. It was an wonderful sailboat with great inboard engines and could travel on long cruises. The boat was about 40 feet, and it had beautiful accommodations. The boat had most of the things that a ship had.

I had been very lucky to buy it and for a cheap price also. I had sailed the boat on lakes and rivers, but I had never ventured into the ocean. So when Joey and Sandra invited me, I grabbed the opportunity very quickly.

We sailed on the North Pacific Ocean, moving past several of the Hawaiian Islands until we were in international waters. The couple had gotten all the permits they needed before we sailed. I planned to do some fishing while both did their tests and took their samples.

The motorsailer had two cabins, and we were able to share it. I took one while they took the other. We were only supposed to spend a day or two on the ocean, so I only brought along two changes of clothes while Joey and Sandra brought along their equipment, in addition to their clothes.

Soon, we were far away from any shore, and there was only one ship in sight, which was far away from us. Joey and Sandra put on their diving attire and dived into the water. I brought out my fishing line, hook, singer and bait, got everything together and sat on a chair nearby.

After about thirty-five minutes of not catching any fish, I got tired and walked around for a while. That was when I noticed that the ship was closer and moving towards my boat. Confused, I wonder what they were planning.

I went to my cabin and got binoculars which I focused on the boat. I saw no name and no flag on the boat. The ship was not very big. Its size was between a large boat and a ship. My gut told me that something was not right with the ship.

I checked my time and saw that 45 minutes had passed since Joey and Sandra went into the water. The ship moved closer, and I decided to move my sailboat away from its path. Perhaps the captain of the ship was drunk or something.

There was no way to warn the couple about the impending disaster. As I walked to stare at the ship through the binoculars again, I felt the hairs at the nape of my neck rise in alarm. I turned around and saw two figures in black attire looking like a human monster that had just risen from the ocean.

It was me a few seconds to realize that the men were dressed in diving suits and that the objects in their hands.

Drop that and go on your knees,” one of them said. “He had an accent that seemed to be Asian.” I was confused and scared, so I didn’t know what to do.

I will shoot you if you don’t do as I say,” the man said again.

I didn’t even know when the binoculars fell from my hand. I went on my knees immediately. And raised my hands. It suddenly dawned on me that pirates had boarded my sailboat. I hoped Joey and Sandra were okay.

The men put handcuffs in my hand and began to discuss among themselves. For the first time in a long time, I began to pray.

Imagine my surprise when the ship moved stopped beside my boat and Joey, and Sandra got from the ship to my boat. What is happening? I wondered.

I did a backflip and dived into the ocean. Once under, I quickly swam away from the spot where I had dived.

It was a little bit difficult swimming with two hands tied, but I managed to do it. I swam towards the ship hoping that there wasn’t another diver with guns in the water. I reached the ship and saw a ladder.

I managed to climb up. Once I was on deck, the first person I saw was a man who had a gun in his hand and a bunch of keys attached to a chain on his waist. The men who had handcuffed me were on my boat, so there was no way that the key was among the bunch with this man. I had to try anyway.

I found a rod, picked it up and smashed it on the man’s head from behind. He fell unconscious. I tried each of the keys on his waist, and miraculously, one of them worked. I cuffed the man’s hand and got his gun.

I could hear shouts of the gunmen on my ship, and then I began to shoot reluctantly at my boat, making the people cower and hide. I planned to get everyone off my boat and on the ship, looking for me. Then I would double back and sail away.

As I was about to dip myself inside the water, I could hear shouting.

I swam back to my boat and just as I climbed up, I saw David, Sandra and four of the pirates running back to the ship through the connecting bridge. I managed to push the two of them in the water, start the boat and sailed away at great speed.

I reported everything I knew to the cops, and even though I didn’t know what they did, I never saw David or Sandra again.

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