I went sailing and saw a shark

I was ten years old, and along with my family, we lived in a small hut by the shore. We used to surf and boat and enjoyed life. One day, my father borrowed a couple of jet skis that we tied to our motorboat and took to the sea. I was sailing the boat with my mother and father skiing behind me having the times of their lives when suddenly, I saw a shark in the distance.

I slowed the boat down so that I would be able to turn it around and get safely to shore. I called for my parents and told them to get inside the boat but the sheer strength of the waves drowned my voice, and they weren’t able to hear me.

As I slowed down, I saw the shark getting eerily close to us.

I sailed back to shore and packed up my stuff. I thought the sea was my everything, but it took away everything from me. I left the seaside and went to the city to find a job and join a school.

I found a public school which was more than impressed (or depressed) by my interview and wanted me in their school. They also had a janitorial position for me after hours that would help me get up on my feet by the time I graduated. I lived in the dorm they provided to me and would spend my days in class, and my nights in scrubbing the classes. It wasn’t a dream life, but I had to make it feel like one.

I worked hard, got good grades and secured an all-expense paid scholarship to Yale. There, I met Rosa. A beautiful person inside out. Someone I could blindly trust. We started seeing each other daily, and then those days become weeks, months, years. We were as in love as we were from day one. She made me feel complete.

One day, she got late coming home. Naturally, I was worried and kept on calling her phone, but it didn’t connect. We jumped in on a boat and went on our way to find my lost love.

I quickly whipped out a telescope and searched for a large wooden boat, like the ones pirates use in movies. I found one, and we tried to get behind it. Diaz spotted a ladder towards the side of the ship and wanted me to jump onto it, but, it was tough with the distance between us and the speed she was going at. I saw some skis at the back, but I was quickly reminded of the way my parents had died their horrible death. I had my chance to save my everything, and I wasn’t going to let it slip again.

With tears in my eyes, I wore the skis and got behind the boat. Diaz went ahead of the cruise and made me come right in front of the ladder. I climbed up it in stealth and punched every person I could lay my eyes on. There was a deathly rage inside me, and I had come to take my wife back.

I found Rosa. I kissed her hard, swept her off her feet and married her at a local chapel later that night. Nothing fancy, but it was the perfect timing. I had finally saved my everything and that too, for good.

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