I Sailed the World for Fun


For me, the best way to get some good time is to travel and make fun moments. My life has a great link to traveling also. Let’s find out what I was up to from childhood and what I am doing right now. I am going to share my life experience in a few pages.

A look back to childhood:

I was the only son of my parents, and this thing made me extra possessive and sensitive also. They used to protect me and take extra care of me to show their love as I was their only son but this went wrong in my development. I became a shy kid who used to get irritated from people around him. I used to spend most of my time alone as if I ever tried to spend some time with other kids, and things always end up on a fight.

So, all I was doing is to stay alone. I used to play alone and even go outside alone. Years passed, and I passed 18 years and did my high school with this same personality where people didn’t like me too much because I was unpredictable in my mood.

That was the time when I started to travel first time in my life.


My first travel experience:

I was asked to go out from home and live in a hostel for three months to prepare for the test to get admission in a high profile college and the city I was going to was 300 km far from my home. So, it usually took me 4 hours to travel on a bus to reach a new city. I used to come back from the hostel after two weeks. Well, the first traveling weeks were annoying. I used to get bored of sitting in one place, and I never enjoyed it. But as the time passed and our course came to an end traveling became a compulsory part of my life and I was always enjoying my time out in traveling.


Some tough days:

Well, like you all I faced a lot of tough days also. I was preparing for the test in a new city, and the preparation was for three months, and it took me two months to adjust to a new city and people, and it worked out in a very wrong way for me.

Then after some days entrance tests for different colleges started. I started giving the test but my performance was very bad as I was unable to practice and tests have very less time to answer the questions, and it required practice.

Well, the result was that I was not able to pass any test of good colleges and I had my hope on one big college because they were accepting marks of high schools and I was fully confident that I will get good marks in the second part of high school. The result of the second part was due in one week. After one week result was displayed and it was shocking to see that I was unable to get 75 percent marks.

Well, that was the toughest day as I didn’t have any hope left that day so I decided to go away from all. My family was disappointed in me, and I was disappointed in myself too. Just to do something I went to another city and started working in a Fast food restaurant.


Left Traveling for a year:

I went to a restaurant and started the job, and these were tough days as I was not used to this at all. I was a waiter who used to serve people, and I learned that we should be getting in touch with people as that helped me get a lot of tips. In the whole year, I started doing some saving just in case I need some money at any time.


How I got connected with traveling again:

Once I was back home on holidays, and some of my friend who was studying at the college told me that they are going on a trip and I can join them too by spending money. They were having a trip to the northern areas of the country where there were mountains and hills along with beautiful rivers.

I never saw these things before, so it was exciting for me. I checked my saving and paid them the money to go with them. I did some shopping also. I bought some shoes and some dresses along with some jackets also.


How I got to know about Sailing:

Our trip started on the scheduled day, and we all started traveling, and it was a fun experience. I was depressed from my life in the past year as I was unable to continue my studies and I was spending a very low standard life also.

There were only three people whom I know on the start of the trip, and they were my friends. I didn’t know about all the other boys and girls, but we took 8 hours to reach our first destination and those 8 hours we just had great fun with each other. I made all the connections with almost all the people on the bus.

We kept singing and dancing and playing different games and reached our hotel late night full tired. It was rest time, and we all slept. The night was special as I was suddenly so happy to be involved in all this and there was a big smile on my face. I hardly slept for a few hours and the next day our first visit was to a hiking mountain.

I was a bit, and it looked like a challenging act for me to climb a mountain, but I never lost hope. I stopped at many dangerous places on my way to the top and thought to quit and go back but some of my friends encouraged me to keep charging towards the top, and I continued.

I was injured, but the scene I saw after reaching the top of the mountain was phenomenal. I could see a beautiful river In front of me with boats, and they were going left to right in the water, and it just made me more excited. I was able to see the entire city and the city was situated on the mountain with the river on its one side, and it truly gave a scene which many can only dream off.

After the hiking activity, we all were very tired and injured also. So, management asked us to have a rest after lunch and called us for the next activity in the evening.

In the evening we all went to the river I saw from the top of the mountain. I was excited to go there, and when I reached there, we were offered to do sailing and believe me it took my heart away. It was the best thing I did until then in my life and the evening turned into night, and I was not done with it. Almost all my friends went back, and I was last to go out as the administration of sailing boats said it was the closing time of the day.

I went back and I just remembered all the things on the river. I learned sailing and after that I enjoyed it a lot too. Next day we went to a place where we could enjoy in the snow and we can also have a take a chairlift. The third day was great too but my mind was stopped on sailing. On the night of the third day it was our time to go back.

So, all the way back to home I was thinking about sailing and nothing else. So, that is the point I conquered sailing.


Back to Normal Routine and quit my job:

I came back to a normal routine and went to my job, but I was only thinking about sailing. Well, it will be tough for me to go back to enjoy It for even a few hours at that time but I thought of a plan at one night.


Started a new Traveling and Sailing company:

I went back home and asked my parents to give me some money to invest in my new business. I talked to my friends that I am going to open my new travel company and I will offer services for sailing too. I asked my friends to promote me in their colleges so that my businesses get a start.

In the start, it was tough to get the contracts, so I had to start with short school trips. I was challenged to leave this business as I was not able to earn enough. I was not earning, and I was unable to go to my sailing also.

Finally, a group of 5 students contacted me and asked me to arrange a trip, and this was the start. They went with me, and I did sailing again, and I had a deal with the sailing administration to bring my next trips with them also.

Those five students promoted me, and I got two trips from that, and it started happening I was happy that I was able to go sailing and enjoy suffering 3-4 times in a month. That was the time I started making enough money that I was able to save a lot of money.

I remained consistent and in the two years I bought a car for my family and me was happy for me also. I was suggested to start some other business of food etc., but I said no as my passion was traveling and I wanted to go to all the amazing places in the world to go sailing.

After completing four years of my business, I launched international trips of my company. I had a great reputation, and it didn’t take long to get international trips also. I soon became an international brand, and my company became a multinational company which is handling international trips and travel services.


Travel and sailing gave me everything:

Today I am living a happy life with my wife and kids outside my country on a beautiful beach, and I enjoy surfing and travel a lot. I opened a restaurant these days, and I am watching it also along with my business in my country.

So, this shows that travel has given me a lot. It eventually gave me a chance to travel the world, and it all started from sailing. I still love sailing, and my love for it increases every day.

I will suggest all of you keep a place for travel in your life. Your life will become very tough for you if you only focus on getting a monthly salary or getting monthly income from your business.

Make your life colorful by adding travel to it. Travel makes you independent. You start making decisions yourself, and it makes you responsible for your actions. It gives you many opportunities, and you start living a happy life.

I am not saying that leave your life for sailing or traveling, and it will be wrong also. Just have enough room for traveling to explore nature, and you will see how beautiful life is. There are many hidden things for you in this universe. You don’t know which thing will give you ultimate happiness and enjoyment. So, keep traveling keep living.

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