A few Cool Things I Like about Sailing

Sailing is one interesting sport that is very exciting. Have you ever been in a boat in the middle of the waters with some good wind? It is like magic. It is so awesome to feel the breeze brush your face and caress your hair at the same time. Sailing before used to be done by travelers and fishermen. It was like, “well I need some money to feed my family today, and I got to sail to the other end to catch some fish for sale” or like “Hmm, I dread the sea, I get seasick every time I am in that ship. I wish I could fly across the sea to reach Australia” back then in the 17th century. Nowadays a lot of people are excited to go out there and have some fun far away from land.

Before getting a boat was not easy. It cost a lot of money to get one, so stuff like sailing or yachting was a sport for the rich. When new materials started emerging for boat construction around the 1960s such as plywood, boats became affordable and available to many.

This made the exercise more accessible to many people.

Sailing is a sport that refers to the use of wind power to propel a boat rather than engines. There are so many cool things about sailing that makes the sport very recreational. There are two types of sailing.



Cruising is that type of recreational sailing involving short trips across the blue water. One can single-handle these trips, or a group of friends or family can crew it. It is very exciting being out there in the deep blue waters leaving the land and its worries behind. The sea offers a type of wideness that opens up your spirit and makes you soar right straight into it. It gives you the freedom only the wilds and meadows on land can offer. Sailing boats can easily be operated by individuals. It is just a matter of mastering the waters.


Gunk holing

This is a casual coastal recreational sailing. Having some few days exploring the sea and all that is has to can make a summer holiday a blast. You can encore just anywhere in the sea or islands and have fun. You call this gunk holing. Cool right? The thing with this type of sailing is that when done with family or a group of friends the bond and that love becomes strong. Sailing is healing. Quote that anywhere.


Sailboat Racing

There can never be anything more exciting in the blue water like racing. It is super adrenaline charge and can make your soul lip out of your body. Super cool right? Have you ever watched the Olympic Games, or multimillion America’s Cup and saw the excitement in it?

Sailboat racing is considered as one of the expensive sports in the world because of the cost of manning a boat with about ten crew members on board. You might begin to ask how come many people are doing it. There are also some inexpensive competitions organized maybe by communities or organizations. In sailboat racing, everybody is welcome to adventure the water to compete. Whether you are young or old, everyone deserves to be happy though

This sport has a governing body called the World Sailing. Racing Rules of Sailing is a format used in most competitions.  

If you want to try this, then there are some things you will need to know.


Things you need to know about sailboat racing

The various disciplines

Speed Sailing- the World Speed Sailing Record Council manages this discipline

Wave Riding; this one involves riding the waves

Team Racing: about three boats race each other here.

Fleet Racing: this racing involves boats racing around a course. It is a very common sailboat racing competition.

Match Racing: in this type of racing, two identical boats race each other one-on-one, and he who crosses the finish line first is the winner. This one needs a lot of strategies.


Who can enter a sailboat competition?

Competitions are always open to everyone. It is one type of sport that does not discriminate. There is gender equality in it. Whoever wins is a winner. No prejudice. There are competitions that require a team as well as there are competitions where you can participate alone. Sailing events are open events.  Several women have won world titles in sailboat competitions and still do today.

What are the types of boats used in sailboat racing or sailing?

Some cool things about sailing are the boats. If there is something that makes sailing more interesting, it is the boats. There are several boats used in sailing like dinghies ( a sailing hatch), multihulls ( boat with more than one hull), and radio-controlled sailboats. All offer a wonderful experience in the sea.


Are there any dangers involved in sailing?

Like any other exercise, there is nothing that is not risky. Sailing to and extend is not as dangerous as it may seem.

They dangers in sailing can be drowning in case of an accident in the sea.

When sailing you move around the boat a lot. There ropes to pull, winches to crank, sails to stow, anchor to pull or lower and so on. The waves might not be friendly at the time. So the possibility of tripping over is high or even being tossed overboard or badly crashed against an object that will sustain your injuries. In the sea, there are lots of opportunities to get hurt or even killed.

It can suck where there is no wind at all. You might get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight at all.

The coolest thing that makes sailing more interesting for me is the level of adrenaline it generates. It opens your spirit to nowhere and everywhere and gives you unfounded freedom and happiness.

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