19 Best Sailing Lakes in Minnesota

Are you looking for the best boating lakes in the land of thousands of lakes?

Are you confused about from where you should start your journey to enjoy the best experience in Minnesota? Minnesota is also known as the land of 10,000 lakes of the world. There is no surprise in the fact that this beautiful place claim provides plenty of lakes to have breathtaking visits without being concerned that you want to visit different lakes for sailing, fishing, boating or swimming.

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Adventure on Luxury Boat with Scary Mermaids

I have to tell you about my sailing adventure. The year I started studying Modern Languages in college, worried about never achieving financial stability, I never imagined that I would celebrate my graduation sailing the seas. It was a crazy thought. All my classmates were hoping to maybe get a tiny apartment and a job at a library; that was the dream. But I was part of a fortunate group of people. No, I didn’t suddenly become a millionaire. But after a few years of friendship, I along with two other friends discovered that one of our friends, the shy girl that struggled through all her classes but graduated with actually impressive grades, she was the granddaughter of a wealthy man. He was a millionaire, if not already a billionaire, I think. But he was nice, an amiable, stereotypical old man.

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13 Best Sail Boating Lakes in Arizona

Arizona is mostly infamous for the high-temperature rise it faces each year. The residents living in the desert conditions can still enjoy the fun of a lot of water bodies present in the state. The residents and tourists take on their aquatic vessels and beat the heat each year on some of the marvelous lakes of the Grand Canyon state.

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Beginner Sailing Problems When the Boat Hit Tall Wave

One of the unforgettable days of my life was when my uncle took me sailing on the lake which was close to his house. He had been traveling all around the world for a very long time, and when he returned to the states, it was a chance for us to bond again.

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We ran into Trouble on Sailboat


It is a wonderful idea to learn a lot of things. This is because you can never tell when what you have learned will be useful and sometimes what you have learned could just save your life whenever you find yourself in danger. I learned this lesson the hard way when I almost died on the river.

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I went sailing and saw a shark

I was ten years old, and along with my family, we lived in a small hut by the shore. We used to surf and boat and enjoyed life. One day, my father borrowed a couple of jet skis that we tied to our motorboat and took to the sea. I was sailing the boat with my mother and father skiing behind me having the times of their lives when suddenly, I saw a shark in the distance.

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